Randy began playing violin and piano in elementary school, where the teachers recognized that he was suited for neither of those instruments.   His experience with the upright bass in the 5th grade yielded marginally better results, but in high school Randy took on the drums and electric guitar, both of which could be louder and more obnoxious than anything before.  The infatuation for drums passed when Randy realized that it takes more work to set up and tear down drums than other instruments, so guitar it was. 
For the next 40 years there have been guitar picks in Randy’s pockets at all times and a few guitars and amps in his closets.  Randy and Dan Creed have played together for over 30 years, and still act like kids onstage.  Randy’s influences include the Beatles, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, B.B. King, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Randy "Pie" Grant

Lead & Bass Guitar

Steve might have been born in Ca;lifornia, but he was Arizona raised and always had an ear for music. He first started playing in the 80's, when he picked up a used guitar and taught himself to play a few Jimmy Buffett, Neil Young, and Jerry Jeff Walker tunes. He really began to develop musically in 2007, when he bought a new guitar and started playing for his Parrothead friends. Steve plays and writes songs with lyrics that make you "feel" something. His greatest influences have been Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Jimmy Buffett, Van Morrison and Jerry Jeff Walker.


Mark first picked up a guitar years ago to learn to play their wedding song for his lovely wife, Vivian. He caught the bug, and now loves playing not only the guitar, but mandolin and all sorts of hand drums and percussion. He has the voice and heart of a storyteller and has performed with TropRock legends across the country. Mark counts among his major influences Jimmy Buffett, John Prine, Neil Young, and John Denver. 

Steve "Steve-o" Chitwood


Dan "Chili" Creed


Woody "Woodeye" Joyner


Born outside of Memphis in 1952, among tar paper shacks with old tin roofs.  Woody was “mid-south” until his teens, when his family relocated to the Florida Space Coast. He ultimately lived the escapist's dream on his sailboat "Diastole" until moving to Phoenix in 1985.  He became interested in playing guitar rather late in life, picking it up in earnest in about 2007. Woody found his voice, and before long this hopeless romantic was performing in public, taking influence from a number of musical genres ranging from the blues to folk to jazz to country and rock, and such artists as Taj Mahal, Michael Franks, Tom Waits, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and of course, Jimmy Buffett. 

Dan is an accomplished, veteran musician  and has studied under many of the modern day harmonica legends. Dan is at home playing all styles and tempos of music including blues, rock, country, jazz, folk and of course TropRock.  Dan has backed up or performed with some of the biggest names in the Blues music world and has played with many of the stars of TropRock including: Kelly McGuire, Mark Mulligan, Hugo Duarte, Sunny Jim, Thom Shepherd, Mike Broward, Jerry Gontang , KD Moore,  Mike Miller, Rob Mehl and more. Dan got the nickname "Chili" years ago from legendary  keyboard man, Leon Blue, at 4:30 AM while playing in a Piano Bar somewhere in the Caribbean, and we're sure there's a good back story there if you just ask him.    

Mark "Crime Dog" McGuffin

Percussion, Guitar, Mandolin

Desert Island Band
Beachin' Americana Music